"I've been blogging pretty darn regularly for over 7 years, including daily outfit posts, positive living, style, business and healthy living. I regularly work with brands that complement my writing, and the fabulous people who read my ramblings. I love my blog, and fully embrace all of the opportunities it has afforded me. My blog gave me the stepping stone to quit a career in teaching, and has also given me the confidence to write.

I've had my writing published in magazines, and I've also been a Social Outreach Specialist, managing social accounts for other companies."

 "Being an entrepreneur often means learning to juggle a lot of balls, and I've loved developing my PR and social media skills. My business or myself have been featured in the following press:

Hello Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Sun, The People, More Magazine, Vintage Life, Stylist Magazine, Company Magazine, Essentials

The salon has been used on Channel 4, and the BBC, including an interview with me about the iconic beehive hairstyle. I was also featured in a TV advert for a website company."

 Don't be shy, I love new challenges and collaborating with new people!